Stained Glass – Moon, Sun, Rainbow

I know a delightful couple with a  newborn baby and decided for their baby gift I would design a stained glass piece that would be colorful and educational.

I love using ‘all the colors’ of the rainbows in stained glass, and I actually did get to do that with this piece!
All the brilliant primary colors make up the ‘rays of the rainbow’

  • Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Purple
    I also included the Sun, Moon, Blue Sky, Brown Earth as a part of the design.

This stained glass window brought me a lots of joy as I imagined the little baby gazing at the stained glass during various times of the day, knowing how the light would play through the various glass textures and perhaps even cast ‘rainbow light’ in the room.

A variation of this stained glass pattern  is available in my online store. #2126