Stained Glass – The Chakras

 ”Quiet the busy mind” and “practice just being present”
Creating the  chakra stained glass pattern and stained glass piece.

I began by researching the Chakras, to see what they meant.

I found the symbols  to be beautiful and I loved all the color possibilities  that would be available translating it into a stained glass window.

I drew the “The Seven Chakras”  pattern and then I built the stained glass window.

    • The size I built this stained glass window was 32″x 39″.
    • This window had some challenges because of the size I built it.
    • “Flipping” a copper foil piece is always a challenge when it is large.
    • I had to  reinforce it with copper foil tape  and lead reinforcement rods.
    • It was such a joy to use such a variety of glasses in the seven different chakra symbols.
    • I used a variety of  iridescent glass for the background and body shape.
  • The result was really beautiful.
    I enjoyed hanging it in my own home for a period of time before I sold it to a Health Center in Calgary, Alberta. The Seven Chakras stained glass window is displayed in their yoga, meditation room.

As artists, one has to practice not becoming attached to their art pieces as you can only hang so many in your own home.
For me, creating art isn’t so much about the money, but more about the process.  I am always very happy when my patterns or artwork find their way to people that appreciate them.

Here is a small explanation of what the Seven Chakras signify and how they are located in our body.

  • First Chakra – Root Chakra or Base Chakra
    Color -Red
    Element – Earth
    Located at the tail end of the spine.
  • Second Chakra – Sacral Plexus Chakra
    Color – Orange
    Element – Water
    Located in the lower abdomen.
  • Third Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra
    Color -Yellow
    Element – Fire
    Located at the base of the rib cage.
  • Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra
    Color – Green
    Element – Air
    Located in the centre of the chest around the heart.
  • Fifth Chakra – Throat Chakra
    Color – Blue
    Element -Earth
    Located at the base of the neck in the throat.
  • Sixth Chakra – Third Eye or Brow Chakra
    Color – Indigo
    Element – Water
    Located in the middle of the forehead, linking the eyebrows.
  • Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra
    Color – violet
    Element – Fire
    Located on the top of the head or crown area.

You can purchase this  stained glass pattern in my online store.  Pattern #2033